Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Release: New Song and Big News from Action Bronson

Last year, Action Bronson released one of the best songs of the year, "Easy Rider". The psychedelic track matched perfectly with Bronson's smooth, yet crazy rhymes. This was the first track off of his album Mr. Wonderful, but we haven't heard any new songs or information, until yesterday. Out of no where, the Flushings rapper dropped "Actin Crazy". The song features the same ridiculous, but smooth as hell verses from Bronson that we know an love, but with a laid back production from none other than Noah "40". I can think of few odder pairs then Drake's main producer and Bronson, but the track sounds awesome.

And that's not all that Bronson released. He tweeted out his tracklist, which is below, along with the features (Chance the Rapper, Mayhem Lauren, Chauncey Sherod, and of course, Party Supplies and Big Body Bes). He also announced that the album will be released on March 24th. The album isn't available for pre-order yet, and the album artwork still hasn't been released to the public as of yet. But peep the tracklist below, and get excited for the debut album from Mr. Wonderful himself.

1.  Brand New Car
2. When I Rise
3. Terry
4. Actin Crazy
5. Falconry
6. City Boy Blues
7. A Light In The Addict
8. Baby Blue
9. Only In America
10. Galactic Love
11. The Passage
12. Easy Rider

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