Friday, January 9, 2015

Another Crazy Connection in Gambino's Videos

A few months ago, I posted an article about some very strange connections between Childish Gambino's music videos. And today, Gambino posted another video, which seems like further proof that he's an alien.

We left off with the "Telegraph Ave" video. It's filmed in Kauai, and features Gambino and Jhene Aiko just hanging out having fun for most of the video, until the end. Gambino gets hit by a truck in the last minute of the video, and two armed men come out and try to attack him. But Gambino is wounded, and out of his damaged body come tentacles, that kill the two men. His next video is "Sober", which is off of his EP Kauai, which is a notable connection.

"Sober" is entirely shot in a small dinner, just like the "Sweatpants" video, but the only occupants are Bino and a girl. Bino tries to hit on a girl by dancing to the song, and she seems to find it funny, until she gets her food and leaves. But in the beginning of the video, Bino's dancing is very odd, and at times he looks like a zombie, and definitely not human.  He doesn't really speak either, and just creepily looks at the woman. She gets annoyed and moves to a different table, so Bino starts to dance more normally. But this dancing still isn't very normal, as he moves at times unnaturally, without really moving his feet, like at 1:54 and 2:59. Also during the beat change of the song, the lights begin to flicker and Bino starts getting more concentrated in his dancing. He does slip the girl a note saying he's high, but that doesn't really seem true considering his behavior.

I think this video comes after the "Telegraph Ave" video in the storyline. Jhene Aiko, who Bino is in love with, probably left him after seeing he's a murderous alien between the two videos. I also think that the alien has a larger control over him now, seeing as he talks very little and moves so strangely. But Bino is still trying to find love, and shown throughout his album, EP, screenplay, and videos, so he tries to "flirt" with the girl at the diner. Of course, this could all be wrong, as I've said before, but I will continue to update this site when more information is available.

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  1. also in the part of the video when it pans out the window he starrts to move like a robot and his neck expands like a toad for a brief second. also the clock never changes time so the alien could be imagining this