Friday, January 2, 2015

Listen to Two New Tracks Released On New Years

While everyone else was out partying, two huge rappers were working. On New Years Eve and Day, both A$AP Rocky and Kanye West released new songs

The first, by Rocky, is called "Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2". We heard a short snippet of it in the "Multiply" music video. Similarly to "Multiply", the production isn't too complex, but still sounds great. And Rocky stunts all over the track. Hopefully everyone blared this track at their New Years party.

The second song is called "Only One" is Kanye's first solo song since Yeezus. Forget the arrogance, or the "hellish" sounds that his next project is supposed to sound like, "Only One" is a touching, personal song from the point of view from Kanye's late mother. The song has accompanying vocals from Ty Dolla $ign and keys from Paul McCartney. While the song is very surprising, and it's great to hear Kanye getting personal again, their is a slight autotune throughout the entire song that gets pretty obnoxious. But it appears like Yeezy, and Flacko, season are finally here.

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