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The Incredibly Convoluted Connections Between Childish Gambino's Recent Videos

For the last year or two, Childish Gambino has been creating very weird music, videos, and a movie script. Most of them seem like deranged projects with no connection or relevance, but he's stated on his Twitter account  they're connected. He's dropped few hint, but they still seem completely random. But, I think I have figured out possibly what is going on with all of his work, and its pretty insane. Keep in mind, Gambino's plot may not be over yet, and my idea could be completely wrong. Also, a thread on Reddit has helped me with this idea, so I can't take full credit for this hypothesis.

What I'll be concentrating on is the music videos. In the last year, four songs from Because the Internet have been made into music videos: "The Worst Guys", "3005", "Sweatpants", and "Telegraph Ave". Each video is pretty strange, and for a reason. Basically, Gambino is showing in his various videos that an parasite-like animal has taken control of his body, and by the year 3005, has spread and taken over the world.

 "The Worst Guys" is the very first video released. In the video, Bino and some of his friends spend a day at the beach. The entire video is upbeat and happy, except for one scene. At the 1:47 mark, for a split second, Gambino is seen limping with a giant gash on his leg. This is extremely odd for such a happy video, and I think it's because at this moment, an aquatic alien attacks Bino, and buries itself into him.

The next video released was "3005". The video features Gambino and a large teddy bear ridding on a Ferris Wheel. It's a very basic video, but there are some very interesting details if you look closely. Near the beginning of the video, everyone on the and nearby the Ferris Wheel seem fairly young, in their 20's. But as the Ferris Wheel spins and the video progresses, everyone gets older. The riders and guests of the theme park all look like they're in their 60's or 70's. And the teddy bear with Gambino gets more and more deteriorated as the video moves forward. I think this is to show that years have passed during the duration of the video, but Gambino doesn't age. This could be evidence that he's an alien.

The third video is one of the weirdest videos. "Sweatpants" shows Gambino walking into a diner, sitting with his friends, leaving the diner, and then checking his phone. This repeats throughout the video, but with a twist. Each time Gambino enters the diner, more and more of the patrons become clones of Gambino, and they become more aware of him. By the end of the video, every single person in the diner is a clone of Gambino, and they are all staring at him. These clones are other people that have been infected by Gambino, and are now quasi-aliens themselves.

The most recent video has the most proof for the theory, and was the reason for the theory. "Telegraph Ave" opens up with Gambino hanging out with his muse Jhene Aiko. The video takes place in Kauai, and Gambino seems to be very happy with Aiko, a detail missing in most of the other videos. But in the last scene of the video, Gambino is hit by a car. Two armed men come out of the car, and pull Aiko away, telling her to leave and that she is in danger. Gambino was hurt by the car, and most of the left side of his body was bloody and cut open. Spilling out of his wound was a moving red and purple growth with large tentacles. The tentacles quickly grabbed and killed the armed men, and the video ends with the Gambino/alien staring at Aiko.

The order of the videos doesn't make a ton of sense in the order they were released, but make more sense when placed in order of how they appear on the album. "The Worst Guys" is the fifth track, and this is where the alien attaches to Gambino. The seventh track is "Telegraph Ave", and this is where Gambino is revealed to be an alien. "Sweatpants" is the next track, and it shows Gambino spreading the alien to the general populace. And the final track, "3005", shows Gambino as the alien, living for many years unchanged as everyone else ages

There are various other works that fit into this theory. Most of the songs past "3005" on Because the Internet seem to strengthen the idea. The song "no exit" feature the lyrics "please don't run away, I'm a murderer, what can I say?". These lines seem to be directed at Aiko, asking her to not leave him although he's a murdering alien. In the next song, "Death By  Numbers", Gambino says "No one has to know, so let it slide baby", which again seems to be directed at Aiko, asking her not to tell people that he's an alien. The song "Flight of the Navigators" features lyrics about flying overhead, like a spaceship would, and contains the lyric "We became the same", possibly referring to the "Sweatpants" video. And in the song "Urn", Gambino croons "I watched them all pass by the moon and stars". This song is at the end of the "Sweatpants" video, and the scene shows Gambino standing in a field with a large green light overhead, another huge clue that Gambino is an alien.

There are various other pieces of evidence woven in Gambino's other works, such as in the screenplay"Clapping for the Wrong Reasons" short film, and the STN MTN/Kauai mixtape/EP. The latter features a hidden track, which is a remixed version of "3005", where Gambino laments about how in the year 3005, everything that he once loved is gone. These works are extensive, and I haven't had the time honestly to figure out how they all fit in. This entire theory could be wrong, or mislead, or missing facts, and it probably is. If you have any opinions or add-ins, let me know.


Gambino has posted a new video, for the song "Sober". I believe it fits in the storyline, and I've written an article explaining the connections here.

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