Friday, April 10, 2015

Listen to Some New Heat From Vic Mensa, Freddie Gibbs, and A$AP Rocky

Following the surprise collab between Kanye West and Vic Mensa on West's "Wolves", Mensa released his own Kanye-assisted song today called "U Mad". Vic has been dropping a few heaters this past year, but "U Mad" is his biggest banger to date. The boisterous track will be his break-out track, without a doubt. It's a goddamned banger, no other way to explain it.

Kaytranada, a producer who's worked with Mensa a few times before, just dropped a new track with Freddie Gibbs called "My Dope House". It's a lo-fi song, but the bass hits hard and is addicting. Freddie Gibbs x Kaytranada might be as great of a duo as Freddie Gibbs x Madlib.

We're inching closer and closer to A$AP Rocky's second album A.L.L.A. A few days ago, Rocky dropped a third single on his Soundcloud called "M'$". This is the song that was featured at the end of the "Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2" music video. "M'$" has a more complex beat, similar to those on Long.Live.A$AP, but I like the more low-key bangers that Rocky has been putting out like "Multiply" and "LPFJ2". But Flacko still stunts all over the songs, and crafted another banger.

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