Thursday, April 9, 2015

Big News From Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean

What ever happened to Odd Future? The hip-hop super-group that busted into the scene in the early  2010's with violent lyrics, interesting production techniques, and probably the most character out of any hip-hop group ever. While much of their popularity stemmed from their bold and unique styles, Odd Future boasted some legitimate talent, such as Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean, Tyler, the Creator, Domo Genesis, and The Internet. Their heyday was in 2013, when Tyler released his best album to date, Earl dropped his debut album to critical acclaim, and just a few months prior, Frank released probably the best R&B album in years. All of a sudden, they fell off, with very little new music to be released, and reports of falling outs between members. But, as of just a few days ago, a few OF members released some huge news.

Out of all the members, Frank Ocean has certainly been the quietest. His only form of social media is his tumblr, and despite a very small handful of guest verses, he hasn't released any new music since his debut album Channel Orange. To the delight of his fans, Ocean posted on his tumblr the image above, and announced that his next album would be dropping in July, which would be called Boys Don't Cry. No other information has been released yet, but if Boys Don't Cry, but there is no doubt that the follow-up to Channel Orange will be amazing.

Tyler, the Creator has been a bit more open about his artistry. A few months ago he sat down with the Fader for a very in-depth interview outlining his soon to be released album and his relationship with Odd Future. Yesterday, Tyler announced two huge pieces of information. One, he has created an app called Golf Media, which will feature original content and music from him, along with a magazine. But more importantly, he announced that his next album, Cherry Bomb will be available on April 13. The album can be preordered, and two singles, "DEATHCAMP" and "F-CKING YOUNG/PERFECT"  along with a music video for the tracks. This will come right off the heels of Earl Sweatshirt's dark and reclusive sophomore album I Don't Like Sh-t, I Don't Go Outside (sorry for the lack of coverage), but judging from the first two tracks, Cherry Bomb will be much more upbeat.

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