Friday, March 6, 2015

Listen to a New Jay Electronica Song "Road to Perdition"

There is probably not a single more lyrically gifted rapper than Jay Electronica. But there is also probably not a single rapper who is more secretive than Jay Electronica. He grabbed everyone's attention in 2007 with his mixtape Act 1: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge) where Jay Elect spit over the soundtrack of Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind without any drums, and with two amazing singles in 2009. Since then, Jay Elect has signed to Roc Nation... and that's about it. The man hasn't released any official projects since then, has lent a few features here and there, but remains extremely secretive. His style is unique, to say the least. He raps over spoken word and Willie Wonka samples, often uses beats with no drum loops, and rhymes about gods and pharaohs. His one-of-a-kind style and immense lyricism has made fans crave for his debut album. And it appears it may be on the way.

An hour ago, Jay Electronica released via his Twitter a new song entitled "Road to Perdition". It's a booming, confident, frankly amazing new song. Over children cheering, sharp drums, and a Jay-Z sample, Elect goes in. He then tweeted (and shortly after deleted) "Can you smell what #TheRoc is cooking?" This could mean that his debut album, which supposedly is titled Act II: The Patients of Nobility (The Turn), since "Road to Perdition" is on a supposed tracklist (below) which Jay Electronica tweeted out, and then deleted. Almost exactly one year ago, Jay Electronica released the gorgeous track "better in tune with the infinite" and the remix to "We Made It", one of the best songs of last year. So maybe March is just the month that Jay Elect decides to release songs, but hopefully we will get Act II this year.

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