Thursday, February 5, 2015

What is Kanye West Up To?

Undoubtedly, Kanye West's new album is the most anticipated album of the year. We've been teased with tidbits of news from the album, and two new songs. And yesterday, a low quality version of the possible first single off of the album, called "All Day" leaked. An even lesser quality version was leaked last year, but it was very short. This version is longer, and has an ending verse from Travi$ Scott on it. The song is hellish and booming, with loud bass and what sounds somewhat like a looped chainsaw in the background. Kanye flexes and swags out all over this song. It's like a darker updated version of "N*ggas in Paris". Hopefully a better quality version will be released soon.

And it may be released within a week. Just a few moments ago, Kanye tweeted (which is very rare) a link to The link was to a countdown, currently at 6 days and 19 hours away until...something. In the background is a short clip of what looks like a conveyor belt, with people talking nearby. There is little to be taken from it, since the video shows very little, and there are loud pauses throughout. This tactic looks a lot like what A$AP Rocky did for "Multiply". If I were to guess, I'd say the official version of  "All Day" will be released, since it was just leaked, or maybe a new clothing line/sneaker line, judging by the conveyor belt. Check back in a week from now to find out.

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