Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Watch Kanye West Preform "All Day" For the First Time Ever

Earlier today the 2015 Brit Awards, which are the British equivalent of the Grammys aired. There were many interesting nominees and winners, but the biggest aspect was the surprise performance by Kanye West. For the first time ever, the world heard the official version of "All Day". On a blank stage surrounded by a giant mob of hooded men with flamethrowers, Ye put on a fantastic performance, somehow balancing minimalism with raw decadence, as only Yeezy could. The song was blaring and brutal, a god-damned banger in Yeezy style. He raps with energy and stunts all over the song. The hook was done by up-and-comer Allan Kingdom, whose verse is frankly pretty weak compared to Yeezy and his energy. This single looks like it could be the best song of the year, and it seems that Kanye will completely own 2015. Earlier this week, he sat down with the Breakfast Club  for an extremely friendly and open interview. He said the album is 80% finished, has ''cookout music that just feels good", and will be a surprise release. In the meantime, look at the fantastic performance here.

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