Wednesday, August 5, 2015

5 Reasons Why Meek Mill is Losing His Beef With Drake

Unless you've been sleeping under a rock for the last two weeks, you've probably heard about the beef between Meek Mill and Drake. Meek Mill aired out his displeasure with Drake for not tweeting about Meek's new album, and said that Drake used a ghost writer for his verse on "R.I.C.O.". Since then, the beef has blossomed into an array of diss tracks, shade, and memes. But while Meek Mill started this beef, he has already lost it. Here's why.

1. Meek should have released "Wanna Know" right after "Charged Up"

During the OVO Sound Radio on Apple Music, Drake released "Charged Up". It was billed as diss track, but it's another one of many songs that Drake has made addressing anonymous haters. Since the public took this as the first diss track leveled against Meek, he should have taken this opportunity to drop his own diss track "Wanna Know". This would have given him the upper hand in the beef, even though "Wanna Know" isn't that fantastic of a diss track.

2. Meek isn't taking the beef seriously

One of the ending lines in "Wanna Know" is "you let Tip homie piss on you at a movie theater". If that's true, that's hilarious, but not exactly a very strong diss. Meek also announced he would be releasing "Wanna Know" on Sunday, July 26, but instead posted an Instagram video of him screaming. Every time Drake has fired back strongly at Meek, the Philadelphia rapper has responded via Twitter or Instagram. While the Internet age has certainly revolutionized feuds between rappers, joking captions on Instagram can't take the place of serious shots and hard-hitting songs.

3. Drake is having a more successful few weeks than Meek Mill

In the time since Meek Mill alleged that Drake uses ghost writers, Drake has released four singles, hosted the sixth annual OVO Fest, and was rumored to have donated a recording studio to Meek Mill's old high school. In the same time, Meek Mill has just been on tour with Nicki Minaj... and that's about it. In the midst of the beef, Drake is doing better than ever, which weakens Meek's claims

4. Meek Mill's timing is dreadful

As I said before, Meek Mill waited until Drake released not one, but two diss tracks before Meek released his own. The second track from Drake, "Back to Back" was filled with gut-punches, with lyrics like "trigger fingers turned to Twitter fingers, you're getting bodied by a singing n***a" and "is that a world tour or your girl's tour?". But beyond waiting, Meek also made the mistake of starting this beef just weeks before Drake had his own OVO Fest. It was a slaughterhouse for Meek, as Drake performed behind memes making fun of Meek and making a mockery of Meek the entire time. It was the final nail in the coffin. 

5. No one really cares if Drake uses ghost writers

What's been interesting about this beef is that the initial allegation that Drake used ghost writers in many of his hit records has been an after thought. Drake hasn't really addressed it, and both Funk Flex and Meek Mill have released reference tracks of "10 Bands" and "Know Yourself". So there is a very good chance that Meek is right, and Drake does use ghost writers, but no one really cares. Drake's lyrics have never been ground-breaking or thought-provoking, but he excels at making insanely catchy and listenable music. Drake's sound, not his lyrics, are why people love him, and not that many people care how real either are. If a renowned lyricist like Kendrick Lamar was found to be using ghost writers, that would be a different story, but the fact that Drake very well might be using ghost writers changes little. 

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