Friday, January 23, 2015

Review: "No One is SaFe" is a Fun Follow-Up From Trinidad Jame$

Trinidad Jame$ has had a rough couple of years. After his multi-platinum single "All Gold Everything", he completely failed to capitalize on his success. Last year, Def Jam dropped him, due to his inability to release an album. I honestly enjoy Jame$'s music, his mixtape 10 PC Mild from 2013 was filled with straight bangers. Three days ago, Jame$ dropped another mixtape No One is Safe, and while it isn't there is very little lyrical finesse, the mixtape is still very enjoyable.

NOiS is the follow-up to 2012's Don't Be S.A.F.E. (Sensitive as F-ck Everywhere), which spawned "All Gold Everything". This sequel is heavily rooted in ATL rap music, with features from OG Maco to Scotty ATL to Peewee Longway. There are a variety of sounds on this mixtape, but there is a very strong EDM and synth influence in the productions. I do enjoy the features, but many of the songs sound like they are skewed to the featured artist instead of Jame$. For instance, "Only N Atlanta" with Peewee Longway and Offset has the hype, bass-heavy sound that both artists are known for, while "ALLAU" with OG Maco sounds stripped down and has a lot of screaming rap in it. That being said, I think Jame$ is starting to find his sound. On his solo tracks like "Talk That Sh-t Trinidad" and "Jerome N The House" showcase repetitive, slower verses from Jame$, and a combination of blaring instrumentation and tints of synth elements. They sound like Trinidad Jame$ signature bangers, which is great. Jame$ is not a lyrical rapper, and probably will be. His lyrics are stupid-fun, like from "T James Express" where he says "All aboard the p-ssy train, I choo choo in that thang".  I think he'll always need features and good production to keep his sound alive, but I do enjoy his sound. Hopefully 2015 will be better for Jame$.

Lyrical Skill- 2

Technical Skill- 2.5

Production- 3.5

Listenability- 3.5

Features- 3

Consistency- 3

Notable Tracks- "Only N Atlanta", "ALLAU", "Jerome N The House"

Overall Score- 3 

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