Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Social Experiment Will Be Releasing New Albums Soon

Remember that time I said Chance the Rapper will be releasing a new project soon? I was right! Around a week ago (no Bobby Schmurda jokes), Chance the Rapper had a very revealing interview with Billboard. In the exclusive interview, he talked about his new song "No Better Blues", working with J. Cole and Frank Ocean, and his new project(s). He revealed that he has been working with his band the Social Experiment extensively, and will be releasing a variety of free albums with the band. Chance stated that the first album will be released before the year's end, and it will mainly feature work by bandmate Nico Segal. But Chance said that each bandmate would have the spotlight on one of the albums, so we might be getting a pure Chance album featuring his bandmates pretty soon. Along with the new projects, Chance said in the interview that the Social Experiment is working on a Lion King-esque live concert series. All of the announcements are good news to Chance fans, and also show a completely new and strange artistic direction, Keep a look out for more news on the projects (but only look on this blog because this blog rocks).

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