Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ab-Soul Explains Why "These Days" Was Pretty Bad

A few days ago, Ab-Soul sat down with journalist Elliot Wilson in part of the CRWN series to talk about his new album, along with other things. During the interview, he explains the similarities between his most recent album, These Days, to his previous album Control System. Control System was one of the best albums TDE has ever released, and focused on the vices of the music industry, the government, and society in general. These Days, on the other hand, was a hodgepodge of half- assed lyricism, sporadic messages, questionable production, and boasts of wealth and bitches. The transition from one album to the next is unsettling for many Soulo fans, but worry not; Ab-Soul somewhat explains why his newest album. During the interview, Ab-Soul stated, “I think These Days... represents me following the control system. It’s an example of how the control system works. So you’re either gonna understand that or you might get upset with me because I souled out.” It appears that the Black Lip Pastor sacrificed the quality of These Days to show the effect of the "control system" on him. This makes sense, since Soulo has been delivering outstanding featured verses for the past year, including probably the best featured verse so far this year.
 Hopefully, Ab-Soul's next album will be on par, or better than Control System

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